Port your extra phone number(s) to NumberGarage™ forward those callers to another phone number.

Life changes, and when you move your callers might not know. Or, you might have a work cell phone and a personal cell phone you no longer want to pay for each month. NumberGarage™ your extra phone number and don;t worry about missed calls. 

Zero Missed Calls

When you move, or stop paying for phone service that phone number goes back to the service provider. What if there was a service provider that does NOT provide phone service, but forwards phone calls for a fraction of what you were paying? 

Maintain Ownership

It's your phone number, and you can port out of NumberGarage™  anytime. Just because you want to take your number with you does not mean you have to give your phone number back to your provider.

You should NumberGarage™ it and keep it!

Save Money

Control Ownership of Your Phone Number(s)! 

Paying for multiple phone numbers can be expensive. Save money by porting your "other" phone number(s) to NumberGarage™. Then forward those callers to one phone number. You get to keep your number while eliminating your other phone bill(s).

NumberGarage™ is a virtual telephone number service that was created in 2005 and launched in 2008 as a Tennessee based limited liability company. We are an intentionally SIMPLE service allowing people to easily manage their phone number(s) with or without traditional phone service all from the NumberGarage™ website. We created this service for our own use and realized others might want to use it too!  In 2013 we created a Tennessee corporation, Ten-Digit, Inc. and assigned all assets to Ten-Digit, Inc. We are now growing virtual telecommunications services to meet the requested needs of our customers. 

About us
The NumberGarage™ service is easy to use, affordable, and convenient.

How it Works


If you choose NumberGarage™ PARK those callers stop here, and here the PARK service message.


If you choose NumberGarage™ FORWARD those callers are sent to the phone number you program inside your account. 


Callers to your NumberGarage™ phone number(s) are processed with our underlying VoIP carriers. 

The NumberGarage™ App

  • Port in & Port out anytime


  • Park or Forward as you see fit


  • Receive usage or activity reports


  • Easily chart your calls, minutes, & costs. 


  • Search a full call history log

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NumberGarage™ FORWARD accounts send their callers to another phone number. Your callers stay connected to you.